Disgusting Visions of Torture

by Cerebral Constriction

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We received this album via Bandcamp email.
All that was inside was a download link, the words 'Here is some noise, release it if you enjoy it somehow.' Also in there were a few images (which are all attached in the download), and this text from a document entitled 'Cerebral Constriction fucking hates you.'

"All music and layout by Fuck Off. Originally committed to a permanent sonic asylum in 2006/2007 (except Track 13, which is from 2010), lost into the void of madness, but re-found and given the extra beatings, deformities and release from its hell in 2014. Permission for artwork and samples not granted, but use them anyway."


Some words already spoken about this album...

'kHF press-release:
"Apparently this album was completed around 2007 and was almost lost into the ether, but recently salvaged, given a work-over and sent to us for this 2014 release. It's almost like the hatred has had longer to ferment and get more potent with age. A truly depraved work of unknown origin, which makes it feel even more intense. After some debate and trepidation we had to release this manic 75 minutes of pure sonic violence, with its skull weakening noise, brutally apt samples, thudding beats and dizzying, mind altering stereo confusion. Listen on headphones for the proper effect of a genuinely terrifying experience."

National Noise News:
"Savage, multi layered, scraping noise with dystopian, hateful samples included from Utopia, True Detective, Frankie Boyle, George Carlin! If that sounds even vaguely up your street, you have to download this truly psychotic album. Put your headphones in and let's get nauseous!"

Sonic Bubonics Zine:
"There's way more to this than just your average semi-random noise-fest. With well chosen venomous samples strewn at unexpected times and some interesting crunching rhythms, a most bizarre, sadistic, vicious release that has festered for years in the voids, now with added spite, is unfurled and unhinged."

Psychotic Sounds Blog:
"It feels like, at so many points during this release, that Cerebral Constriction is just fucking with us, big style! Using samples from comedy shows, TV series and films, and changing direction mid 'song' so many times, there is a warped sense of humour at play here. The final track goes further to proving this, but should only be played after listening to the whole slab beforehand to get the full effect. What a totally messed up album, but with interesting twists and turns throughout."

Words From The Asylum Blog:
"Those titles are fucked up. This music is too. I wasn't sure at first if it was just being obscene and violent for the sake of it, or it genuinely was going to be that harsh. The mood is absolutely oppressive and the sounds are overwhelming at times, but I like how diverse it is throughout its course. A totally (deliberately) unpleasant journey through psychosis and absolute trauma."


released November 21, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: If your fucking life doesn't end soon, there's going to be an 'accident'